I recently ran across some research conducted by Market Strategies International, that showed a very interesting result: Millennial women report significantly lower confidence in their financial literacy than did millennial men; but when tested, they performed significantly better than did their male counterparts.

What gives? And what are the implications?

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Of late, I have been noticing a puzzling trend as I did some research on the offerings of financial products to women. This was partly driven by personal curiosity.  I saw a lot on saving, budgeting, paying down debt, and cutting down debt.

But I have always wondered and never quite understood why nobody has ever given me advice, personally, that an important aspect of my future financial security is increasing my earnings.

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While folklore and homespun theories abound when it comes to understanding the needs of women, there is generally a dearth of data that can put actual numbers behind interesting and actionable insights.

It was with enthusiasm that I recently discovered a fact-packed book, “Harness the power of the purse” by Andrea Turner Moffitt, who is a co-founder of the private investment membership group Plum Alley Investments.

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There has been a lot of attention and talk of late on the process and practice of innovation. The topic is not new, and tomes have been written by people in ivory towers all the way to people with practical chops and the scars to show for it.

As someone who’s perennially curious, and always interested in finding better ways to do things, whether through “innovation”, or “entrepreneurship” or otherwise, I’ve been studying and testing various approaches starting with “The Lean Startup” all the way to more recent methods.

And I have always stumbled because of limited resources, not being a “disruptive innovator”, or simply because I was looking to find a sustainable solution to a problem outside of an entrepreneurial construct.

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