About Shubha K. Chakravarthy

Hi, I’m Shubha K. Chakravarthy.

Since 2018 I have dedicated my career and my time to improving the connection, utility and understanding of financial services and wealth management products to end-users and consumers, with a specific focus on underserved markets and segments, particularly women.

I help wealth management firms improve marketing effectiveness by re-thinking and redesigning how they think about, design and deliver helpful and value-added communications to the markets they seek to serve.

I am passionate about transforming how the wealth management and personal finance industries in particular, and the financial services industry in general, think about value and connection with their core audiences. 

I firmly believe that content, strategically unleashed, is the transformational element that will catapult financial service providers from boring utility players to beloved partners in their customers’s financial lives – the key is to surgically define, develop, deploy and DETONATE the right content in the right context to the right person.

Content in financial services, especially in marketing, has become too boring, impersonal, and generally unhelpful to people dealing with real problems on many dimensions . It also doesn’t address the significant impact of behavioral patterns and biases, devaluing its power even further.

The next frontier is to dramatically rethink the role of content in delivering value – from the moment of discovery, all the way to the maintenance of a long relationship that is satisfying to both parties.

How My Work Can Help You

If you’re in the wealth management industry, I can help you rethink and revamp how you communicate with your audience – from the moment your audience becomes aware of you, through the entire lifecycle of building awareness, engagement and trust all the way to helping them make a buying decision in your favor, and beyond.

If you’re in financial services, I welcome the opportunity to jointly rethink how you’re defining, developing and especially creating content in a way that maximizes its utility and value to its intended user, in the way that’s most beneficial to you.


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More About Me

I am a financial services veteran with over two decades of experience in premier organizations including McKinsey & Company, Allstate Financial, and HSBC.

I have an MBA (High Honors) from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and MS (Honors) in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

I am passionate about marketing and wealth management – I made a complete career switch from my former  life in lending, dedicating almost two years to studying and understanding the wealth management industry. I also have a strong focus on marketing and on underserved segments, especially women’s financial needs.

I’m most often found working on marketing, strategy, content and anything that makes personal money management easier.

When I am not obsessing over every last nuance of marketing financial services (I’m a geek like that), I am busy keeping my family in running order, indulging my love of cooking,  and volunteering in K-12 educational stewardship.