Hi! I’m Shubha K. Chakravarthy.

I created this site as a platform to build a conversation on women, money and innovation. There is a massive opportunity to provide better ways for women to manage their financial lives and to achieve their aspirations and goals in a way that’s better suited to how they think, decide, and live. The goal of this site is to advance the conversation and encourage action for better market solutions to meet women’s financial needs.

When that happens, everybody wins.

I am an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with over twenty years’ in banking, lending, life insurance and consumer finance, with stints at McKinsey & Company, Allstate Financial, and HSBC. My experience across multiple verticals has sparked a deep and long-lasting interest in developing real-world, impactful solutions to important problems. The vision is to create a world where people in general, and women in particular, find it easier, more intuitive and less intimidating to build a strong financial foundation for their life.

I’d love to hear from you! Please write me with your thoughts, ideas, specific challenges on any of these topics at:

shubha at skchakravarthy  dot com

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