What if finance were friendlier to women?


Dealing with finances should be intuitive, natural and aligned with how women habitually think and act.

Why does it feel like such a hostile landscape instead?

It’s time to make finance female-friendly‚Ķ

S.K. Chakravarthy

Architecting “better”






To be the catalyst of transformation and architect of change. To mobilize action so every woman can achieve a bolder and brighter financial future.



Would you walk away from $11.6 trillion*?

* Size of US wealth controlled by women.

Source: Harness the Power of the Purse, Andrea Turner Moffitt

Lead the Charge!

Making finance female-friendly brings big benefits:

  • Forget being “best” – become the “only”
  • Serve the deepest, hungriest and most neglected market in financial services
  • Create unmistakable differentiation
  • Activate passionate engagement on an area of deep need
  • Build a dedicated fan-following. Inspire love. (Yes, LOVE!)



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Shubha facilitates senior executive strategy sessions, makes presentations and runs workshops on making finance female-friendly.